My journey is far from over: Ankit Tiwari on latest non-film scores

2nd Jun 2023 10:08 AM | Chokita Paul


Euphonies cut across time, vocals tug at heartstrings, and compositions paint a dreamscape — this is the enchanting world of Ankit Tiwari, a luminary whose voice resounds with millions. His creative symphony not only adapted to the current changes in music but also played a vital role in shaping them.

From the era of vinyl records and cassette tapes to the digital age of streaming platforms, the way we consume and experience music has undergone a revolutionary shift. This transformation has brought about new prospects for artistes like him. As we delve deeper into our conversation, Ankit opens up about the evolving landscape of the industry and the changing tastes of the audience. He observes, “Music has experienced a significant transformation over the years. The advent of digital platforms has opened up new avenues for artistes to showcase their work. Today, listeners have a plethora of choices at their fingertips, and as artistes, we must experiment with our style in order to stay relevant.”

Even amidst this dynamism, Ankit remains steadfast in creating melodies that reverberate in people’s hearts. He believes that while trends may come and go, the essence of good music lies in its mastership to forge a heartfelt connection. “At the end of the day, it’s the sentiments that matter. If a song can evoke a genuine expressive response, then it has accomplished its purpose,” he adds. Leaping gracefully from one magnum opus to another, Ankit’s song archive is a treasure trove of luminance. We absorb how his voice breathes life into chart-toppers like Galliyan from Ek Villain and Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi from Airlift. Each piece records his manoeuvre between soulful ballads and foot-tapping beats.

“Every step has been a lesson and a blessing. It has taught me the value of seizing the present, the importance of hard work and dedication, and the magic that unfolds when emotions are braided into tunes. I am excited to continue exploring new horizons and creating music that touches hearts. The journey is far from over, and I am grateful to have the support and love of my fans,” he tells us. One of Ankit’s recent Hindi non-film singles, Aye Dil is a heartfelt romantic ballad that captures love and longing. Likewise, Piya Nahi has a blend of Indian classical and modern elements.


When discussing his creative process, Ankit, who also sang and composed the tracks, shares, “ In mainstream Bollywood, there are certain limitations due to the film’s narrative and the director’s vision. However, with non-film music, I have the freedom to explore various genres and experiment with m y compositions. I infuse personal stories into my music, and explore different territories that may not align with conventional Bollywood standards.” To throwback to how it all began, in the bustling city of Mumbai, where dreams are woven and destinies intertwine, an encounter with writer-director Pradeep Sarkar proved to be a turning point in Ankit’s career. It was during this fortuitous meeting that the former, amidst working on a film that would eventually be shelved, recognised the raw talent within him. We sit down with the gifted playback singer to unravel the secrets of his style, delve into his illustrious discography, and assess the ever-evolving terrain of music.

In a household steeped in melody, he hails from a lineage of musicians — his father, RK Tiwari, a renowned composer in the regional film industry, became the foundation upon which Ankit built his legacy. The songster’s tracklisting has graced numerous Bollywood films among which one of his most iconic contributions came in 2012 when he narrated the poignant song Sunn Raha Hai to the acclaimed filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and the director of the film Aashiqui 2, Mohit Suri. Ankit reveals, “For me, music is a form of selfexpression. It is a constant exploration of new sounds, melodies, and narratives.”
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